Raccoon in pool – Phinney Ridge

During the recent heat-wave we had a nocturnal visitor to our daughter’s backyard pool. Not only did this raccoon thoroughly trash the pool itself, by the time it was through with its swim, it had dragged the garden hose over to the pool in an attempt to refill it with water. We caught a little bit of his antics on film though our bedroom window.
Raccoon in pool, 2 a.m. Phinney Ridge
Raccoon in the pool.
The morning after the night before
The morning after the night before (note the hose in the pool).

[qt:http://filmphotoweb.com/wp-content/uploads/racoon.m4v 480 272]
Nightshot of raccoon frolicking in the pool. (The clip takes a while to load – sorry, it was shot at 2 in the morning..:-)