I am a videographer with 8 years of local and international documentary experience, working in both nonprofit and corporate environments. I am a veteran of difficult, on-location shooting. I’ve been to the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, ridden down the Ganges on a boat I wouldn’t let my kids set foot on, and hiked into the mountains of Honduras on donkeys designed for people with shorter legs than mine. I’ve filmed brain surgeries in chaotic public hospitals in Addis Ababa, and hiked with village women to their watering holes near the equator in Kenya.

I have spent many years perfecting the art of traveling light, while maintaining a high level of professional results. I am a firm believer in capturing professional audio, even while running my own sound. I carry my own equipment, and know that if I come home without the shot, the shot won’t happen.

I have conducted hundreds of interviews, many times using interpreters to facilitate the process of understanding the story of the person being interviewed. I enjoy learning the details of people’s lives, and how they relate to the bigger story a film attempts to convey. To me, script writing is basically story-telling, something I find comes naturally to me. It starts with documenting the stories of the film’s characters, but the story is ultimately told in the editing booth, and this is something I enjoy and excel at.

I edit all my own footage in Final Cut Pro. I deliver professional results to the Internet, DVD, or broadcast. My films are in use in numerous nonprofit and corporate websites and intranets.