Mountains to Sound Greenway Trek

This film was shown at the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust’s annual fundraising event in November, 2011 at the Seattle Convention Center. I shot all of the interviews and edited the piece. Much of the footage from the trek itself was shot by Craig Burlingame, who was out on the trek each day with his camera. Check out Mountains to Sound Greenway. They rock.

Give Water Give Life – PSA

This film was shown at the Give Water Give Life fundraising benefit for Water 1st International.

Water Crisis in Ethiopia

Ethos Water is working to bring safe drinking water to people in need in Ethiopia.

Safe Water in India

This film documents the water crisis in the Sundarbans region of West Bengal, India.

Client: Water 1st International

Water Aid: Learning by Doing

Ethos Walk for Water, New York City

This video was shot in New York, as Ethos Water participated in a Walk for Water with Starbucks employees who were celebrating the launch of Ethos Water in Starbucks stores. Starbucks donates profits from the sale of Ethos Water to help bring safe water to children in need.