Stand By Me

Playing For Change | Song Around The World “Stand By Me” from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Ethiopia with Water 1st

I was in Ethiopia in January with Water 1st International, filming and photographing their work implementing clean water projects. Here are a few photos from the adventure:

Pink Bows and Gold Stars on Phinney Ridge

Thanks to our friends at for solving the mystery of the Pink Bows and Gold Stars decorating Palatine Avenue on Phinney Ridge.

“Pink bows and gold stars tied around/hanging from light poles/trees along the streets to the west of the hardware store and Ken’s Market, hung there by Logan and Piper … to mark the route regularly walked by their uncle as he fought to beat the cancer that ultimately claimed his life earlier this week.”

Here are a few photos of their beautiful memorial:

Monkey girl does Halloween

Elsie’s first halloween, in Chicago.


In my travels I have taken a lot of pictures of faces. Here are a few. And I’ve just created an album of faces in my photo gallery, which includes many more.

Bear hugs at Holden Village

We made our annual pilgrimage to Holden Village over Labor Day weekend. This year’s expedition included Steph, Kendall, Stella, Frances, Sandy, Elsie, and myself. The weather was perfect, if a bit on the cool side. We took several kid-friendly hikes, saw some bears, ate our share of good Holden bread, and met Senator Maria Cantwell, who was also staying at the village. All in all, a very fun weekend.

We really missed going last year. The village was closed due to forest fires in the vicinity. This was Elsie’s first trip, and she clearly loved being there. It was very fun for her to have Frances and Stella to play with. I managed to get a short video clip of the 3 girls hamming it up, so I’ll make a valid attempt to post that in the coming days. In the meantime, I am putting an album of photos on my photo gallery page. Be sure to check it out.