Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh

The slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh are the home of nearly four million people, most of whom have no access to safe drinking water. This film documents the water crisis for some of the poorest people on earth.

Client: Water 1st International

Celebration in Bishikiltu, Ethiopia

Shot on location in Bishikiltu, Ethiopia between 2006 and 2011, this film documents the process of a safe water project in Ethiopia, from conception, through funding and construction, to inauguration. Come along and celebrate with the community of Bishikiltu.

Client: Water 1st International.

Starbucks Powell Barnett Park Makeover

This video was shot and edited for Starbucks Coffee Company, documenting the makeover of Powell Barnett Park in Seattle. Starbucks took a run-down city park, and through hard work and much-needed funding, the park was transformed for neighborhood children and their families. Part of the work was documented using time lapse videography, which was very challenging, yet fun, to make over the period of weeks that the job took place.


IMAGINE that everyone has safe water

This film was shot on-location in India, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh.

Client: Water 1st International.

Water 1st in Honduras – 2007

When Water 1st staff visited San Gabriel in April, 2007, the water project was nearly complete. Come meet community members who are on the verge of having clean drinking water in their community for the first time.

Water Crisis in Ethiopia

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Over half of the entire population of Ethiopia does not have access to safe drinking water. In this video, we documented the work of Water1st International in villages near Ginchi, Ethiopia. You will see how women and girls must collect filthy water from streams where cattle are also drinking, and then carry the water miles back to their villages. You will also see how their lives are changed when clean water is present in their communities.

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