Elsie sings the ABCs

Elsie’s first haircut

On a sunny Seattle afternoon in the merry month of May, Elsie got her golden locks trimmed for the very first time. Sandy had pondered the style (bob) and the timing (now) long enough and took scissors to hand, Stella shot video, Frances gathered curls into a ziplock for posterity’s sake, Aunt Steffi offered artistic guidance, and Elsie put on a brave face and sat through the ordeal as if she’s been to the salon on a regular basis for years and years.

I took pictures. Here are a few of the good ones:

Elsie gets her picture taken

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to have a professional photographer show up at our house to take take pictures of Elsie. Sandy dressed up our little darling up in a vintage Hanna Andersson dress, handed down from cousin Frances. Our unkempt yard was the perfect backdrop. If you’re looking for a photographer, we highly recommend Lisa Loop. Elsie warmed up to her right away, and the pictures turned out beautifully.

Monkey girl does Halloween

Elsie’s first halloween, in Chicago.

Family photo album

I’ve posted a summer photo album online which includes lots of baby pictures. Enjoy!

Elsie at 3 months

A few new photos of Elsie Evelyn, from her 3 month old stage. She’s laughing a lot. Is a bit ticklish, and has moved to the head of the class in the drool department, in anticipation of new teeth. We no longer use the infant car seat. And she’s also made the transition from bassinet to crib. And marvel among marvels, she sleeps through the night on a regular basis. Not sure what we did to deserve that, but we’re taking it.