Used Gods and Goddesses

On a recent trip to India I stumbled upon a graveyard of used gods and goddesses. It was hard to tell them apart.


In my travels I have taken a lot of pictures of faces. Here are a few. And I’ve just created an album of faces in my photo gallery, which includes many more.

Bicycles in India – Part 2

PART TWO: On the road in India, one is immediately struck by the variety of modes of travel all sharing the same lanes of highway. Everything from trucks and busses, to cars and motorcycles, to rickshaws, and of course, bicycles, each occupying its distinctive space in the hierarchy that is Indian traffic. Bicycles are a major presence, in that so many people are dependent on them for transportation. While they may be the lightest and therefor the first to give way in the proverbial game of chicken with larger vehicles, they do have the advantage of being the most nimble mode of transportation, and often will make progress while the cars and busses are jammed up in a long line.