Used Gods and Goddesses

On a recent trip to India I stumbled upon a graveyard of used gods and goddesses. It was hard to tell them apart.

Pink Bows and Gold Stars on Phinney Ridge

Thanks to our friends at for solving the mystery of the Pink Bows and Gold Stars decorating Palatine Avenue on Phinney Ridge.

“Pink bows and gold stars tied around/hanging from light poles/trees along the streets to the west of the hardware store and Ken’s Market, hung there by Logan and Piper … to mark the route regularly walked by their uncle as he fought to beat the cancer that ultimately claimed his life earlier this week.”

Here are a few photos of their beautiful memorial:

Books Drying, After the Rain

This is a photo of some books drying after a storm in Calcutta, India. I was near the University, where a lot of book vendors have their wares out in the street. A storm blew through and many books were soaked.